Kemet produces 20 billion Surface Mount Capacitor per year. Equipment Engineering staffed 150 Engineers and Technicians who supported Lean Manufacturing Plants in US and Mexico. My responsibilities were to purchase, design equipment and supervise installation for Molding, IR Reflow and Laser Printer lines during a Plant start up. I supervised technicians, machinist and designers.

  • Traveled 100,000+ miles to Singapore to work with Advanced Systems Automation. We developed state of the art robotically controlled molding machine. I lived overseas four weeks then six weeks in the states for a year. The input and output arm moved the product through the $375,000 machine. Rexroth proportional valves controlled Leroy-Somer pumps and four hydraulic mold presses encapsulated the product. I was responsible for mechanical designs and scheduled shipment by air or sea. My time in the plant was spent installing equipment and leading a team of Technicians on weekend upgrades and maintenance. Molding knowledge in gates, runners, e-pins, and plastic spiral flow. I won an award.

  • Championed the AutoMold continuous improvement team to monitor the MTBI. We encoded a program into the FESTO controller to count and identify the interrupts. These were corrected until it reached 80% run time on a 24/7 operation including batch, shift change and mold cleaning. I won an award.Automold Improvement Team II was a group reassembled to produce a maintenance program from life cycle of machine components. It also incorporated a mold cleaning procedure.

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