The Eastern Range from NASA to Key West through Antigua to Ascension Island is operated by the 45th Space Wing. They are responsible for Cape Canaveral launches and assistance to NASA. Was the only Mechanical Engineer in support of a dozen System Engineers and held Interim Security.

  • Project manager responsible for manpower, cost and coordinating the rebuild of the 29' Radar Antenna. Hydraulic motors were removed, seals and high wear high items ordered and replaced. Dish contour was re-swept on the ground and placed on the pedestal by a crane.
  • Redesign of a Mobile Intercept Ground Optical Recorder is a battleship anti-aircraft gun mount with telescope and optical recorders. It has a 1600 ft-pd torque motor for azimuth and 600 ft-pd drive for the elevation and enclosed inside a 30-foot trailer. The government budget sequester defunded the projects.
  • Traveled to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean for a ten day project with two machinist to work on a NORAD Radar Antenna. I calculated parabolic equations, and reflection pointing angles, verified the vertex, focal point, feed horn location for a 40 diameter Harris 5400 MHz Missile Precision Instrumentation Radar Antenna. Designed an adapter with Solidworks, used COSMOS FEA for analysis.
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